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Graphi presenting a fish and a human outline, with a microscopic view of a blood smear with neutrophils and erythrocytes.
Fish vs Human Immunity: Similarities and Differences in our Immune Systems
The immune systems of both fish and humans share some common elements, such as innate and adaptive immunity, physical barriers, and cellular defenses....
Colorful koi fish in clear pond water.
Nitrite Toxicity in Pond Fish - Why and how is it toxic?
When nitrite levels rise, fish can experience physiological stress but most importantly, respiratory issues. Nitrite is a nitrogen compound that forms...
A hole in ice on a frozen pond.
Essential Pond Maintenance in Winter: A Comprehensive Guide
To ensure the survival of your pond and its inhabitants, it is crucial to implement effective winter pond care practices. In this article, we will provide...
Colorful, healthy koi carps swimming in a natural looking pond.
How to winterize Your Pond? Easy guide
From removing debris, cleaning your pump and filter, to taking care of your fish, this article provides the key steps to winterize your pond.  At...
A picture of a backyard pond made with a fisheye lens.
Simple 7 pond maintenance tips for beginners
By establishing a routine maintenance schedule and implementing simple practices, you can ensure that your pond remains beautiful, vibrant, and in optimal...
Green water plants emerging from a green pond full of algae.
How to prevent algae blooms & growth in fish pond?
Preventing algae blooms in fish ponds requires a multi-level approach that focuses on proper pond maintenance, nutrient management, and early detection....
A shiny, healthy common carp peeking out through the water surfaces.
5 ways to boost immune system of your fish
The five ways to boost your fish immune system are as follows: optimizing water quality, providing a balanced diet, minimizing stress, implementing natural...

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