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goldfish in water
The Fascinating World of Goldfish: A Dive into Their History, Varieties, Care, and More
Goldfish have held a special place in our hearts for centuries. With their vibrant colors, graceful movements, and fascinating behaviors, they have become...
koi fish in the pond
Myth-Busting -  Debunking 13 Common Pond Myths
In the world of pond-keeping, myths and misconceptions can confuse us a lot. This article aims to shed light on some of the most common pond-related myths. Myth...
Closeup of koi carps, with eyes and barbels clearly visible
The Senses of Fish: How They Perceive and Navigate Their Environment
In this article we’ll focus on fish senses, how they perceive the world through vision, smell, taste, and the lateral line system. At the end as a small...
white water lily, clear waater surface.jpg
Troubleshooting Common Pond Water Quality Issues
Issues like excessive algae growth, murky water, low oxygen levels, ammonia and nitrite spikes, and pH imbalances (unfortunately) quite commonly happen...
waters, nature, lake-3095682.jpg
Aquatic habitats and their diversity
Aquatic habitats such as wetlands, rivers, lakes and ponds combine a vast array of ecosystems. They support an incredible diversity of life, ranging from...
Water lettuce, low-mainenance water plant
5 Low-Maintenance Water Plants for Your Easy-Care Pond
The five low-maintenance water plants are: Arrowhead, Dwarf Papyrus, Watercress, Water Lettuce and Water Lily. Having low-maintenance water plants in...
flower, lotus, lilly,edible water plant.jpg
7 Edible Water Plants for Your Pond: Nutritious Greens to Grow
7 edible water plants that you can keep in your pond are: Lotus, Watercress, Water Spinach, Taro, Water Chestnut, Sweet Potato Vine and Aquatic Mint, Creating...
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